Daily Love

Divine Shifts Are Happening

We are shining more Lightroom you all: animals, humans, minerals, and plants. Divine shifts are happening within you and there is much to resonate amongst those who are in the dark. Their darkness is not absent of light, only an absence of love of others who can help them remember the light within. And, they… Continue reading Divine Shifts Are Happening

Daily Love

Live Heart-Centered for Mother Earth

Mother Earth, Gaia, is a living entity. She breaths, grows, and has an awareness just as you do. She feeds you, keeps you warm, safe, and secure. Please treat her as you woulda dear, loved one. Treat her with respect. Picking up trash, rather not littering at all keeps her skin clean. Composting is her… Continue reading Live Heart-Centered for Mother Earth


Full Moon Astrology Forecast for 19 February 2019

The full moon rises in sidereal Leo on Tuesday, 19 February 2019. Ruled by the Sun, Leo is playful, passionate, and creative. During this dance between sun and moon the energy will feel more masculine, but it is related to expressing emotions in a visual way. Leo likes to show off and be the center… Continue reading Full Moon Astrology Forecast for 19 February 2019