I Am That

i am that... unseen, yet firey red melting the past so i am present in the music that resonates like lullabies sung by the angelic realms. it keeps time only for love...the kind even dreams envy. i am that... prepared to sift through chaos, upcycling remnants worthy to keepsake for future memories, reflecting on seasons… Continue reading I Am That



I felt the morning before I awakened. I stirred as it blanketed my skin, warming me. The sun moved across my body slowly, begging me to not give into my daily chores. I argued with the morning wishing that it wouldn’t taunt me on such an important day. I rolled over hoping that my back… Continue reading Summer

Spiritual Development

Author Chat About Spiritual Abilities

What is the book about? I stand with scores of people who believe that we are spirits having a human experience. Because of this, we are naturally psychic. Psychic Development for Everyday Living is a booklet that helps people understand all they see, hear, know, or feel is normal. What inspired you to write it?… Continue reading Author Chat About Spiritual Abilities