7 Reasons to Become a Reiki Practitioner

Reiki practitioners offer energy healing sessions to help clients balance mind and body. The energy may last several hours or days. Becoming your own reiki practitioner is a way of accessing reiki every day. Here are seven reasons to become your own reiki practitioner.

1. Heal Yourself
The reiki attunement connects you directly to reiki energy for your own use. It clears your major and minor chakras, aura, and heals organs on a cellular level. Through daily usage, reiki will remove energy blocks on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

2. Align with Your Higher Self
The tiny loving voice that guides you becomes clearer and stronger. When in alignment with your Higher Self you discover your soul’s mission and life purpose, therefore removing clutter that holds you back from living happy and healthy.

3. Develop Your Spiritual Abilities
Receive messages from your Higher Self about people, places, and things that support your spiritual and personal development. You’ll get warnings as well about who and what is not congruent with your life. Messages will come as

  • Claircognizance ‘clear knowing’ as thoughts
  • Clairvoyance ‘clear seeing’ in visions and dreams
  • Clairaudience ‘clear hearing’ songs and whispers inside your mind and/or externally
  • Clairsentience ‘clear feeling’ of sensations on the skin or inside the body

4. Communicate with Your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels
Get to know the spirit family that you chose before you incarnated into physical form. Receive guidance about life on a human level (from guides, as they once lived as humans) and ways of maintaining balance.

5. Create Healthier Boundaries
You will become more sensitive to energy changes in others, so you’ll know when, or if, and how to engage with them to maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit.

6. Heal Plants and Animals
Plants and animals love reiki energy. Cats and dogs become more relaxed when you are giving yourself reiki. They love it more when you give them reiki. Seeds and plants grow stronger, faster and healthier.

7. Heal Your Community
Reiki is always part of your life (and energy field) and raises your vibration. You affect people indirectly when in casual settings. Your high vibration will change a person’s mood, which they can then pass on to others.

Consider becoming your own reiki practitioner to change your life and affect the energy around your home and community.