3 Ways To Master Reiki

A certification in reiki is recognition that you learned the history and uses of reiki. No one becomes a reiki master after a weekend class. The mastery is in daily practice, being open to intuitive guidance and releasing control.

Daily Practice
Practice makes perfect. The more you use reiki the stronger the connection becomes. Self-reiki is the easiest way to use reiki every day. Using it to heal food, loved ones or household plants are other ways to practice. The key is to practice.

Trust Your Intuition
There is no right or wrong way to use reiki. You may have learned hand positions in a structured way, but that was to give you a foundation of understanding. Trusting your intuition is the best way to strengthen it. This leads to new discoveries about yourself on all levels. It also leads to new ways to use reiki.

Let Go
Hold the intention to use reiki for the highest good. Allow reiki energy to flow where it needs and do what it needs. Let go of outcomes and expectations. Trying to control reiki disrupts the healing process.

Energy is always shifting. With patience, your healing abilities will expand. Only then will you become a reiki master.