New Moon Forecast for 7 December 2018

The new moon rises at 2:36AM EST in sidereal Scorpio on 7 December 2018. It then moves into sidereal Sagittarius at 7:37PM EST. The energy will be mixed — watery and fiery — expanding us in two directions, but for the benefit of the self and the collective.

With the moon in Scorpio the energy will be guiding us to turn inward and focus on the depths of our platonic, romantic and business relationships. This could involve intellectual, spiritual or creative levels, testing our capacity in some ways. It’s asking us to reflect on who we’ve been spending time with, how, and what we share. The emphasis will be on shared values, connecting with each other based on interests in the same or similar endeavors.

As the moon shifts into Sagittarius we will feel more expansive and action-oriented. Focused. We will consider how to take what we learned during Scorpio’s presence and devote ourselves to life based on it resonating with our souls. This could manifest as humanitarian causes or a deeper connection to those who are on our level.

The energy of this new moon will feel liberating, as it is coming off the intensity of the last two weeks, nudging us to let go of emotional attachments.

Overall, this new moon is guiding us to plant seeds for the the spring. The energy is there if we are open to it. Meditation and creative self-expression are two ways of getting out of our heads and into our hearts to receive the guidance we need. Listening to our intuition then taking action based on how we feel will open us up to the Universe’s blessings.


Numerology for new moon: 3, also connected to Venus, bringing in love, mutuality, and expansion.