Use Reiki for Personal and Spiritual Development

Reiki is a tool for personal and spiritual development because it cultivates mindfulness. This awareness strengthens attention on the mind, body, and the external world. It aids in understanding the capacity for relationships with friends and family, tasks, as well as intellectual and creative pursuits.

Reiki is with you every moment of the day after receiving a reiki attunement. It flows through the body regardless of doing daily self-reiki, which is the focused attention on healing the mind, body, and spirit.

Self-care is consciously taking the time to care for one’s own physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. Taking the time to focus on the self and being patient are part of the healing process.

Guilt is too often associated with self-care. It is seen as an indulgence or not taken seriously. The idea of ‘sleeping when dead’ is the accepted, yet mistaken, norm about one’s wellbeing. No child has ever said that they wanted to grow up to multi-task and have no time to enjoy life. Negative human conditioning has removed humans from their true childhood dreams. Unhealthy thoughts and behaviors shift to a positive outlook with any self-care routine, including reiki.

Cultivating Awareness of the Inner Self
On a personal level, patience and dedication are built through the process of doing self-reiki daily, even for five minutes. Reiki can be done any time, but doing it when not watching television or being online creates inner strength.

Reiki develops listening skills – becoming more empathetic – because of paying attention to the subtle changes of energy within the mind and body. This develops compassion for friends and family who may be experiencing sadness, depression, dis-eases, or sudden behavior changes.

Like meditation, thoughts and emotions arise during reiki. It brings what has been hidden to the surface so it can be recognized, understood, then healed. Daily practice releases fear and all of its manifestations, e.g., guilt, shame, recklessness, hatred, over thinking, jealousy, cruelty, and ignorance.

Lastly, diet and lifestyle will change as stagnant energy disappears because the mind and body will desire different ‘fuel’ to maintain balance. Curiosity and experimentation with food may lead to reading food labels and knowing how food is produced. Even with plant-based diets reading labels is necessary to avoid preservatives and genetically modified organisms.

Strengthening Connection to Spirit
Regardless of spiritual, philosophical or religious affiliation the soul is an extension of the Divine Mother-Father. As spirits having human experiences Divine energy flows throughout the mind and body. Stagnant energy blocks receptivity of messages from the soul, spirit guides, angels, and the Divine. Reiki gently removes blockages so there is a clear pathway through natural spiritual abilities – clear knowing, seeing, hearing, and feeling. The relationship between the soul and the natural world – plants and animals – changes as well.

Reiki is a simple tool for cultivating mindfulness about the self, others, and the external world. Strengthening personal and spiritual aspects of life increases self-worth, which leads to healthier choices. Taking time to live the best life possible is a personal value that radiates love and compassion into the world.