Empath Community

Chronicles of the Indigo Chrysalis

I know nothing about raising children, but I do know what it means to be an empath, moving from being an impaired child to a healthy adult.

I am a ‘full spectrum’ empath, receiving information about people, places, things, and animals through my all my senses. I see, hear, feel, know, taste, and smell energy. The odd part is that my experiences related to suffering are similar to synesthesia. I feel through my eyes; hear color; and know through smell and taste.

My experiences with the spirit world are clear and direct. When angels and ascended masters communicate with me all the information comes the the correct sense. I haven’t tasted any of them yet, but they do smell like flowers.

Chronicles of the Indigo Chrysalis is a reflection of my journey from not being aware of my spiritual abilities when I was a child —eating the thoughts, emotions, and physical dis-eases of others— to understanding the subtleties of being an empath to live as a healthy adult.

Join me each week (hopefully) as I share my journey of staying grounded, following my heart, and being surprised by my own growing spiritual abilities. And, they have tripled since September 2018.

Everything I share will be as unique as I am, so let go of expectations. This alone has helped me to accept myself completely.


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