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Shifting from Impaired to Healthy Empath


People who are unknowingly experiencing thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations of others but think these are their own are impaired empaths. Those who are aware of being an empath yet have little to no understanding about energy or skills of discernment are also impaired. Living as a healthy empath requires skill and dedication.

Empathic children who grow up in toxic environments –family, school, or surroundings– may exhibit behavioral problems, eating and digestion disorders, and social anxiety because they are unaware of their sensitivity to energy. Parents either ignore or stress over these issues. The latter results in unnecessary doctor visits and medicalization.

I, too, remember trips to the pediatrician to cure my digestive issues. Upon reflection, it was related to me eating other people’s fear, anger, worthlessness, and grief. This cycle remained into adulthood.

When I learned that I was an empath I was happy to have an understanding of all the drama and trauma that unknowingly came my way. Although the information I learned was helpful I did not gain skills that helped me discern my own energy from the external world.

Shifting to Impaired to Healing
Spiritual practices like yoga, meditation, pranayama, Tai Chi, and Quigong help people shift their focus inward on their own physical sensations, arising thoughts, and wave of emotions. The additional focus on breathing patterns and changing heart rate points to how one responds to different experiences. The intention is to become mindful of different mind and body sensations in everyday life.

Daily spiritual practices aid in shifting from being reactionary — diving into a bag of tortilla chips smothered in hot sauce when angry and seeking excitement — to responding, i.e., stopping to ask what triggered the craving then deciding to nurture the trauma of it’s from within or transmuting it if it’s external. (More on the latter below.)

Vipassana meditation helped me to focus inward and recognize my own thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations. I learned my own fears as a result then recognized that many of them belonged to other people. I stopped listening to the news every day, which, beforehand caused a lot of nightmares, stress, and feeling drained in the mornings.

Living Healthy Is A Daily Practice
Taking a day off from spiritual practices to sleep in, binge watch movies, and eat whatever one pleases is a wonderful experience. Empaths must be conscious about how they approach their day off because they absorb energy, which can be difficult to ‘wring out.’

The only protection for empaths is awareness of energy, having a practice that takes them inward, and a diet and lifestyle that keeps them grounded and high vibrational. This strengthens their auric field so they sense energy fluctuations.

A plant-based diet is high vibrational; eating fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, while grains, and beans is grounding. A vegetarian diet including goat milk dairy and duck eggs is alkaline; cow’s milk and chicken eggs are more acidic.

Some empaths shun meat because they can feel the emotions of the animals when they were slaughtered. Even cruelty-free grass fed animals experience trauma when processed for human consumption. I felt lethargic, angry, and had digestive issues when I ate meat. Fish, on the other hand, tends to result in fewer emotional outbursts for empaths. Consuming animal protein requires caution.

Angels, Gemstones & Energy Healing
Spiritual practices do result in a connection to etheric realms. Angels, spirit guides, masters, and loved ones can be detected regardless of being an empath or not. This connection can be beneficial to anyone open to a relationship with Spirit.

Calling on guides and angels to help develop discernment and point towards more healthy behaviors and relationships is a result. Archangels Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst are connected to the Violet Flame, which transmutes fear into unconditional love. It’s only in the asking:

  • Dear Archangels Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst, please transmute this anger I feel into unconditional love. Thank you.
  • Dear Archangels Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst, this (thought, emotion or physical sensation) does not belong to me. Please trsnsmute it into unconditional love and return to its origin. Thank you.

Gemstones magnify what is already internal. These natural minerals radiate at different frequencies and can help with spiritual development. Rose quartz strengthens the heart and increases compassion; black tourmaline grounds energy to the earth; and Tiger’s Eye increases confidence. Carrying and sleeping with gemstones creates benefits over time.

Energy healing like reiki keeps the mind and body calm, plus it helps cultivate discernment. A daily self-reiki practice helps me to be aware of energy shifts internally and externally, even when it’s sudden.

Teaching Children to Live Healthy
Children learn from their playmates and adults. Many are naturally open to angels, gemstones, and energy work. Empathic children benefit from it because it focuses their attention, expands their imagination, and strengthens their confidence.

As healthy adult empaths, we can serve as godparents so children spend more time enjoying life rather than running from it.