Full Moon Astrology Forecast for 22 December 2018

The full moon will be in sidereal Gemini on Saturday, 22 December 2018. Mercury rules this masculine sign; the relationship with the moon will focus the mind on being inquisitive and sociable. This is a great time to satisfy curiosities through reading and conversations with people who are wise and knowledgeable.

The sun moved into sidereal Sagittarius on 15 December 2018, creating energy that can expand the mind and body through different experiences. It contrasts the winter season of slowing down because the sun and Jupiter inspire excitement and movement. Dancing, yoga asana, and Tai Chi are ways to keep the body healthy during this full moon. It will ground excessive energy, keep the mind sharp, and body agile.

An influx of messages, or downloads, will come from the soul/Higher Self during the full moon about an area of life that is expanding. This, of course, will depend on individual sidereal birth charts. It will prepare the collective for the shifts that are upcoming after Mercury leaves its retrograde shadow on Monday, 24 December. Afterwards, the last week of December will usher in abundance and prosperity that is specific to each individual.

Call on Archangel Michael and Faith to improve listening skills, especially from the soul/Higher Self, and other people. The key to this full moon is to recognize the mind and body wanting to be busy. Focus both intentionally through body movement, mental enrichment, and social interactions that are meaningful.