Channeled Message

Welcoming the Winter Solstice

The winter solstice, or Yule, marks the season of rest and turning inward for self-preservation. Cold weather slows down molecules and sometimes brings them to a halt. Animals hibernate and plants wither down to their roots.

Yule takes place on Friday, 21 December 2018, at 5:23PM EST. The moon shifts from sidereal Taurus to Gemini. It is a time to reduce distractions to focus on the pleasure of being still, mindful, and attentive to focus on one’s mental and emotional needs. This solstice takes place the day before the full moon, so there’s an opportunity to receive abundance in an area of life that had seemed dormant.

Archangels Gabriel and Hope govern the winter solstice as well as the winter season. They share this message:

            Think of your life like the squirrels you see scurrying about gathering acorns for the winter haul. They seem flighty, running to and fro, but they are playful and carefree during their work time. Nothing is laborious for them because they connect work and play. It is how they survive: balance. This is what you need to stir in good vibrations into your life this winter season. Much good will come from it.

            The tradition is to be on the go, fleeting from one holiday party to the next. This is fine, when it is done with intention, and not to feel merrily out of control because it is the holiday season.

            Take good care of your heart and mind so that your soul is in peace. Rest, play, and embody the medicine of the squirrels. Be carefree with a purpose.


 Archangels Gabriel & Hope