Spiritual Development

Understanding Twin Flames and Soul Mates

Twin flames and soul mates are concepts meant to guide people towards healing their personal trauma, expand consciousness, and create new opportunities. Work on cultivating the inner twin flame – the Divine Feminine and Masculine – result in attracting soul mates.

Twin means two of the same; they mirror each other yet have slight differences. A flame is hot and transforms matter from one state to another. The Divine Feminine and Masculine have nothing to do with sex and gender. They are energies that are meant to complement each other for the purpose of becoming a balanced whole, creating a new sense of self.

The Divine Feminine represents the heart, which is receptive, creative, and intuitive. The Divine Masculine is the mind: penetrating, logical, and action-oriented. Like the yin/yang symbol, there is an essence of masculine in the feminine and feminine in the masculine. Imbalances can show up as chakra issues such as over thinking, lack of discernment, giving too much, or being miserly. Healing is key for both being balanced to unite as one. The Feminine receives then takes action while the Masculine takes action based on creative measures.

On an individual level, healing allows the internal twins flame to come together, transforming life on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. This attracts people who reflect the same type of wellness. These soul mates, which can be platonic relationships, business partners, or romantic partners, become the means to create something that was not previously possible. In many cases, new relationships deepen healing and expand consciousness.

In the current state of the world, the Divine Masculine is imbalanced and the Divine Feminine is nearly absent. The influx of needing to multitask and be distracted by social media has removed the collective from thinking rationally and being creative.

Healing through self-care, creative self-expression, bodywork, and therapy are ways of healing personal, generational, and ancestral trauma. Breaking free of negative patterned behaviors also means letting go of the relationships that were connected to the old self. Over time, decisions become focused and international. Partnerships have depth and are expansive. There’s fun, too, which is vital to maintain balance.

Healing the heart and mind, or feminine and masculine, is the path of attracting soul mates. But it begins with the spark that lives within each of us.