Channeled Message

Heal From the Inside Out

Dear Children of Earth,

There is much to rejoice in today, as the moon is full and pouring in tons of light upon you. There is light in all of what we angels do for you, when you ask. Please ask us to tend to the mundane or magnanimous. It does not matter. We wish you peace and love, always. There is nothing we will not do for you, if you ask. So, please ask. We are here to help you get through the energy the rest of this month, especially this last week. It will overhaul all of what you think was right and wrong with life. But, this is not a correction of humanity. We are not here to save you. That is what you do for yourself in your efforts to let go of the past, healing wounds that cut deep, and preparing for something new by changing habits and behaviors.

This is a setting forth the energy to help you in the coming years, especially the next five. You need to set an intention to expand your thoughts. Deepen what your knowledge and go beyond your comfort zone. The next twelve months will feel hectic if you do not do the work now. For we angels are seeing that many of you are stuck in the past and holding on to stagnant energy. Social media is becoming murky. There is not enough good being done with it and we would like to see more joy and laughter shared rather than strife. We want more love and happiness shared, not fear. Please take care of others near and far with more love.

Be well, as we angels will be there to help you with your shadow work. Those are the dark areas of your life where fear rests and takes up residence. It’s time to kick out that pesky energy and get to work on healing your ego, being conscious of your choices. It is time to let go and allow the Creator to heal you from the inside out.


Archangel Metatron