Sharing My Favorite Gift

Reiki energy healing came into my life at the beginning of my spiritual awakening. My soul must have been ready for me to expand and deepen my relationship with it and the world. I craved reiki, wanting to learn about it and how it worked.

I first learned about energy healing from a friend who mentioned Hands of Light by Barbara Brennan. I saw the cover of the book in my third eye as he talked about the book. From that moment I was determined to learn about energy healing and share it.

It is my intention to teach reiki as a personal and spiritual development tool. It heals gently. The relationship with the energy is like a loving mother tending to a child. It’s patient, kind, compassionate, and sometimes firm when necessary.

I have learned a lot about myself learning and teaching reiki. The latter has been fun. The transition from teaching in-person to distance allows me to share reiki with the global collective. I struggled wanting to make this shift, but Spirit nudged me until opened my heart to the opportunity. I am grateful for listening because I have taught reiki to people around the world. Reiki became a gift that I can share with others.


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