Spiritual Development

Shifting from Balance to Expansion

U”Be careful what you wish for in this world, for if you wish hard enough you are sure to get it.” Sarah Orne Jewett, 1891

I have had people tell me that they wanted to be more like me, psychically. My response was not to limit themselves because they may be meant for something greater. Plus, dreaming about the future isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. As an empath, in my dreams, I feel, smell, taste, hear, and notice what I’m thinking. It’s like dreaming of my waking life.

When I spent the summer in Paris, France, in 2017, Spirit told me that I was going to learn a lot about myself after returning to the U.S. In hindsight, this was an understatement. Before the January 31, 2018 lunar eclipse, I asked Spirit to help me be 100% alignment 100% of the time. My entire world changed.

Everything I thought to be true about myself was challenged. Memories of old interests, passions, and relationships resurfaced. I did deep shadow work all year acknowledging, integrating, and healing. This will go on forever because every moment of every day is a practice. And, as an empath, I need to be vigilant about my choices regarding food, people, and places.

Sidereal astrology preferences the moon because it represents the mind, psychological awareness, and intuition. I feel more aligned mentally, emotionally, and spiritually since reconnecting to la luna.

My Virgo moon requires organization. I love order. I even enjoy watching people organize. (Odd, but true.) The TV show Monk provided much enjoyment and laughter because Monk insisted on order, planning, and cleanliness. Yes, he had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD); it hindered his life. My own fear allowed me to experience situations that mirrored Monk’s life. It helped me remember that I was an empath. I had forgotten due to the lack of available information.

Spirit has been guiding me to live a balanced life. To live a conscious life. Everything I have been preaching — singing, dancing, spending time outdoors, and eating grounding foods — helped me move from impaired to happy and healthy.

For 2019, I am setting an intention for the January 6, 2019 partial solar eclipse to live a balanced life. In numerology, it will be a universal three year and a personal one for me as well. I will expand and improve my creative and healing arts. In many ways it is my Depth Year. I am aware of what I am asking for, and, based on guidance I received in a dream months ago, my five-year plan is in place.

Next year is about turning inward, going deeper to connect with my soul, and sharing with the world ways to do the same. There will be changes in my public persona, what I offer as a healer and creative, and my digital platforms will get facelifts.

I’m looking forward to the shift. It’s in alignment with my soul mission and life purpose. I got what I asked for. Stick with me to enjoy the fruit of my labor.