New Moon Solar Eclipse Forecast for 5 January 2019

The new moon partial solar eclipse sets the tone of expansion and expressiveness for 2019.

On Saturday, 5 January 2019, the new moon rises in sidereal Sagittarius. It is the masculine energy –and the fiery side– of its ruler, Jupiter. The characteristics are related to belief systems, expanding the mind, and expressing one’s passions.

The universal numerology vibration for 2019 is a 3, which also means expansion, sensitivity, and self expression. Three is linked to Venus energy of love, beauty, justice, and harmony.

The numerical theme of the year, as well as the energy of the new moon, speaks to the collective about finding joy and sharing it.

On an individual level, wherever sidereal Sagittarius is placed in the natal chart, will point to where one needs to expand and be more expressive. Additionally, the moon sign –the aspect of the mind– will be the area of life that needs the most attention. The partial solar eclipse will illuminate this on January 5, plus a few days before and after. This will be the focus, individually and collectively, for the next six months.

Turn inward through meditation or creative self-expression for guidance. Ask the Higher Self and primary spirit guide the following: What areas of my life requires expansion and expressiveness? What steps do I take to expand? How can I express myself for the Greatest good?

Externally, there will be upheavals because Sagittarius is related to institutions, like, religion, government, and education. Turning inward will establish how to re-establish relationships, if at all.

Be prepared for epic shifts internally and externally. Express your thoughts and emotions. Expand wherever necessary. Trust that these changes are for the Highest good.