Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Forecast for 21 January 2019

The full moon lunar eclipse will call on the collective to continue focusing on an aspect of life that can expand.

This expansion will not happen overnight. Diligence and patience are required. The Universe is giving the collective an opportunity to take life from one phase to another. The transformation in itself builds inner strength that will be needed for years to come.

On Monday, 21 January 2019 at 12:16 AM EST, the full moon rises in sidereal Cancer. This feminine energy encourages the collective to turn inward and nurture a particular part of the self that came up during the partial solar eclipse on 5 January 2019.

In some ways, the energy parallels nurturing the self upon conception of a child. The mind and body requires nourishment, a supportive environment, and helpful people. Time is needed to rest and be active to ensure that mother and fetus are strong, lessening complications.

Regardless of what needs to be ‘birthed’, it will need continuous nurturing. Children, books, paintings, business partnerships, or health require consistent attention. There will be a need to step back and reflect on the aspect that came up. This year will provide opportunities for deep introspection, as there are three more upcoming eclipses.

Use the time wisely to reflect on what came up during the new moon. The collective is being nudged lovingly to move forward in new directions.