Channeled Message

Connect To Love

The blood moon rises in an auspicious way for the collective because it is in sidereal Cancer, the sign of care, nurturing, and going within to understand the depths of your psyche and limitations you have been putting on yourself.

Your dreams are revealing to you what will need attention, but do not run from anything that comes up. FACE IT! Face it with love, as the fear is only an illusion of the human conditioning that you endured as a child into adulthood.

Feelings are especially important now. Use your gut instincts and actual feelings, the ones that make your skin tingle, or feel cold, hot, or hairs stand at attention. Your belly growls, twists, and turns. You feel it and hear it as well. Feel everything internal as well as the synchronicities of the wind against your skin, temperature changes, sunlight, cloud shifts…they are messages. But do not chase messages; they will come. Allow them to be received naturally as we angels give them. The moment you question whether or not it was a message you have lost the connection to us and your soul.

Be all that is: love. Connect to love so that shifts give you an awareness of it being in alignment or not. Do not run from unloving instances or people. They need love the most. Turn inward, give yourself love first and foremost, and share what you can spare. Do not call out people for the choices they make regardless of how unloving they may be for their situation. They need time to heal wounds of their past. They are learning how to turn inward and your coxing will hinder them. Pose questions for them to ponder. This is loving and will help them to heal internally.

Let go of fear and be clear of your intentions. The full moon lunar eclipse’s energy is grand. It will reveal what your next steps are in life as well as what you will need do for the next six months.

Be fearless in this next leg of your epic Divine journey. Be well to yourself and give love to others.


Archangels Gabriel & Hope