Spiritual Development

Bearing My Heart and Roots

This is a tale of my life as a professional intuitive and spiritual teacher. I was born to do this, but, because I was guided to follow the ‘norm,’ I was sidetracked into a corporate and academic life. Neither of those worlds provided the peace that my soul craved.

My life shifted during my spiritual awakening so I could let go of my old life and be in alignment with my soul. The awakening was only the beginning. Every moment provides an experience that opens the door to something greater. Life really is a journey, not a destination.

Below I answer questions that have come from interviews of spiritual teachers I admire, as well as questions that have been asked of me directly.

This is me sharing insights about my spirituality and the roots of my beliefs. Nothing I do or say is ‘black or white’ but shades of grey that integrate everything I have studied or learned from experience. The latter disproves a lot of what is offered as Truth.

What is the foundation of your beliefs?
I believe that we are spirits having a human experience. Our spirit, or soul, is a piece of the Divine that we pray to for help. When we turn inward during meditation, or just being silent for a few moments, we can hear our soul communicating with us. This is where we naturally know, see, hear, or feel messages from our soul, spirit guides, angels, and loved ones. The Divine is omnipresent; it can sense all of us on the planet and guides us according to our place in this world through our soul.

What are your thoughts about evil, hell, and the devil?
I don’t believe in hell or the devil. It is man made, a way to control people. Unfortunately, it has worked well over the centuries. Religious leaders have instilled fear in congregations by preaching that the devil will burn them in hell for doing X, or not doing Y. Not all religious leaders use their pulpit this way, but the ones who do are being abusive. It has come to a point where people even fear the Divine.

People that project fear, the devil, or hell are harboring issues of their own that need healing. Control is about needing to have a particular outcome at every moment. This kind of control is connected to deep seeded fear. In Buddhism, fear is a manifestation of ignorance. I feel that control mongers haven’t experienced love. They are ignorant about it. They may not have experienced it as a child, or turned away from it when a loved one died. However their experience began, it manifested into darkness, distrust, and pain. Their actions are touted as evil, which is only an indication of them lacking love and nurturing.

What is your religion?
I am not religious, nor was I raised in a particular religion. I do have a Christian foundation because my mother insisted that I attend church, but talking about religious teachings were not part of my life. My mom also introduced me to different religions by taking me to services of different denominations. None of this stuck because I didn’t feel joy. But, I love studying different religions. They are like puzzle pieces, different paths with a common goal.

Say more about religions being a puzzle.
The researcher in me wanted to understand the Bible, so I read passages from different versions of the Bible. It opened a door to wanting to know more, which lead me to learn that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are Abrahamic beliefs. Reading the Hebrew Bible, Christian Bible, and Koran in tandem may provide a more complete picture about how to create community.

Buddhism and Hinduism seem to be a puzzle as well. The Buddha is considered to be the ninth incarnation of Vishnu. Yoga is a Vedic science, which includes the study of Hindu philosophy. The Buddha’s Four Noble Truths are similar to the four yoga paths – jhana, bhakti, karma, and raja – with the latter having eight limbs that mirror Buddha’s Eightfold Path. Yoga and Buddhist teachings are meant to heal suffering.

Would you consider yourself to be spiritual?
Definitely. Spirituality is about connecting to your soul. It differs with each person. My soul is happiest studying religious and philosophical teachings. I find myself engrossed in the history and practice of the teachings. The knowledge is only meant to stimulate my mind, teach me to notice how I feel about what is expressed, and cultivate discernment on an intellectual level. All of this is because claircognizance is my strongest spiritual ability. I always seem to know when something is about to happen or if it is true.

My spiritual practice includes meditation, chanting, yoga asana, and pranayama. I receive clear messages from my soul, spirit guides and the angels then, especially chanting, which seems odd even now. But, focusing my mind with mantras clears the channel between Spirit and me.

I feel that our spiritual practices are reflective of our life purpose. This isn’t concrete because we shift and change throughout our lives. I also love music and dancing. In my younger years I spend a lot of time clubbing, dancing until the early morning hours. Today, I’ve been guided to continue my relationship with music by writing songs. Vocal and piano lessons are in the works. This, too, is related to my ability to hear Spirit. Movement has become a way to balance the meditation.

Let’s step back to your foundational beliefs. If we are spirits having a human experience, do you believe in reincarnation?
Yes, absolutely. Conversations about children remembering their previous lives are becoming more common. It’s like the person’s memory serves as a living mediumship reading. I remember my own past lives and have helped past clients learn about theirs. In all cases we learned why we had particular behaviors or cravings. Some behaviors are meant to be healed; others are for our enjoyment.

What were your spiritual abilities like as a child?
My claircognizance, or clear knowing, was strong when I was young. So was my clear feeling. I saw spirits and dreamed of the future, too. But, for some reason, I didn’t find any of it interesting enough to question. They were just things I did. Looking back, my spiritual abilities were always active but I didn’t have the knowledge to understand them. I have worked with clients who were in the same situation. I’m happy that we are in a time when people are having spiritual awakenings and there is information to help them along.

Did you always want to be a professional intuitive?
No. I never knew about mediumship until 2014, when I had my reiki level one attunement. I had an understanding of divination tools like tarot, I Ching, and astrology years beforehand, but my interest was minimal. It makes sense today that I serve as a professional intuitive because I seemed to counsel people. Spirit was waiting for me to have my spiritual awakening so I could integrate my love of helping others with communicating with the spirit world. Giving readings turned out to be a healthy way for me to focus my spiritual abilities in a structured way. When I dream of clients the night before a reading it helps me understand what needs to be addressed.

What is your position about death?
The soul does not die; it returns fully into the spirit realm. I feel that we are attached to the body because of how we interact with each other. We smell, see, hear, taste, and feel the body. It’s sensory. Once the soul retires the body those experiences end. We miss hearing laughs, smelling a meal being cooked, or feeling body heat. The interesting thing is that our soul visits and gives messages based on what we miss. It’s how I receive messages during a reading, or when one of my own friends and family members visit. We are full sensory regardless of being corporal or not.

It’s been five years since becoming a professional intuitive. Has anything changed?
The way I serve has changed. I used to only offer email readings, spirit guide and numerology. I’m shifting to teaching more. I have an online university through Teachable sharing what I’ve learned so students can develop their spiritual abilities, connect to their spirit guide, or do energy healing. I’m not quite ready to share, but a big shift is on the horizon. This year is about giving myself time and space to expand. So far, I’m enjoying what I’m learning.

Tarot has re-entered my life. I’ve been giving myself readings for over twenty years and was nudged to offer them to the public. Clients can ask about love, money, or whatever is weighing on their hearts. I share messages from Spirit in an optional one-on-one coaching session if the client wants to deepen their healing.

What advice would you give someone new to their spiritual awakening?
Be patient. I’ve had spirit guides tell me repeatedly to be patient. I spent a lifetime rushing and being impatient. Everything happens at the divine right time, including synchronicities and blessings. Secondly, I would suggest feeding the senses. Read spiritual books, listen to different music, spend time in nature and in museums, eat a variety of food, and experience the spectrum of emotions. Spirit communicates with us based on our experiences. The more we open ourselves to the world the greater the conversations with angels, guides, and loved ones.