New Moon Astrology Forecast for 4 February 2019

Diligence is the theme for Monday, 4 February 2019 when the new moon rises in sidereal Capricorn, which is the grounded and feminine side of Saturn. It is also the sign of diligence and hard work.

Energy will feel expansive, like an ocean, but there is stillness with tiny waves rippling for miles. It is quiet and calm, ready to reach the shores when it is time, and not a moment before. The new and full moon eclipses revealed where in our lives we need to heal and nurture ourselves or endeavors.

The next solar eclipse is 2 July 2019. Between now and then Capricorn is guiding us to take our time healing whatever was revealed during the lunar eclipse or developing the new endeavors. Partner with healers that can aid in releasing trauma. Enroll in new courses or work with people who can help you improve your craft.

Spend the new moon in meditation or quiet reflection to focus the mind and detach from outcomes. Review what the steps are involved and start at the beginning. There is no rush.

The goat is the symbol for Capricorn. It is fun, curious, and can balance itself on the edge of a mountain. The collective is guided to enjoy this part of life, explore possibilities, and maintain balance in the process. By summer there will be a refreshed approach to life.