Channeled Message

Share Your Light With Others

We are gathered here, the Light of the Goddess, the Divine Feminine, All That Is, to burn away worries and sorrows so you may move further and deeper into your studies of who you are at a soul level.

It is time to focus your energy with pinpoint precision and lance stagnant energy that surrounds your soul. It is dismay, disbelief, procrastination, and above all else, fear. All of it stems from being wounded in an earlier time. You hurt still and the wound has healed underneath the scab, yet you hold onto the scab to remind you of the pain.

You are not sufficient but believe that you are because of the initial blow. Forgive the person who projected their pain onto you and move into healing yourself from holding tightly to the illusion of needing a reminder.

You are love at the soul level. Let that be what what you share for yourself first then extend it to the person who assailed you. They need light to penetrate the darkness surrounding their heart.

Share your light, which is the love that you have for yourself. Share that light outwardly in your smile, hellos, or silent blessings. You need not do much. The over working of trying to do everything for everyone is a fallacy. It was never right. Never. It is the wrong path. Turn inward first then shine outwardly in your unique way that will not tire your mind, body, and soul. Start small. Every little step matters. Gestures, actions, and kindness will be big when you do it from within.

Do not let your light shine too brightly for others if you are not doing it from within because it is not healthy. Shining from within takes less effort and resonates louder than you expect. Trust us angels, as we are watching from all angles: when you sleep, play, work, and suffer.

Your Light shines brightly and dims depending on your state of mind. It is brighter when you are at rest and play, so shine from within with confidence by doing less and what you love. Yes, we said less. Do less. Rest. Play. Rethink your path and do it with less effort. You will attract more abundance this way. Your Light will shine Brighter.

Blessed Be.

Seraphim Angels