Channeled Message

Celebrating the Budding of Spring

It is symbolic that the lunar cycle comes to an end on Imbolc (EE-Molc), which is the midway point between winter and spring.

The feeling of forward movement is imminent. Our relationship with the physical world is changing, as we are more focused on what nurtures our souls. When turned inward, hearing our soul’s prompting, we can make choices that not only satisfy our own needs but the needs of the collective.

A budding of something new is on the horizon. Seize the moment that this is apparent to you.

Gaia is changing and needs us to care for her by tending to the soil and water. Nurture her as you would a newborn child. Take your time, notice changes, and be patient. Tend to your own life in the same manner. Be at peace with the changes. Let go of what was to welcome maturity, as this is a lesson in non attachment. Be at peace with the adult; the child was only a phase.

This spring coming is the toddler. Today is the infant stage. Grow into maturity, so when the new year comes you have something that was nurtured with love, patience, and awareness.

Blessed Be.

Seraphim Angels