Channeled Message

Nothing Is Better Than Love

When love is not at the center of your focus you will falter in all you do. Some do succeed, bit it isn’t to be admired because their lack of love fuels all they do. They survive on strife and nothing else. Even when their lives are seemingly golden, darkness remains.

But there is hope. There is always hope. Love from external sources, like prayers and well wishes can chip away at dark exteriors until it can move through towards the heart. It may take a lifetime, but this kind of persistence, preferably from a distance, can prove to beneficial.

Nothing is better than love. It breaks down barriers. Pets, plants, friends, and family are ways to experience unconditional love. Conditions taint the relationship from the beginning.

Step away from relationships when you feel that a condition is in place. Ask yourself, and us angels, how to dissolve the conditions. At times, the relationship needs to be dissolved so all parties can heal properly. Only with time and full bodied awareness may they consider reuniting. A renewed understanding of self will be the undercurrent for such a decision.

Turn to love for yourself first. See where it leads you once you understand how to share it. Your love life will change as a result.


The Hathors