Channeled Message

Love Those Who Are Lost

Listening to your heart is only the beginning of the task at hand. You must be vigilant about staying there and not wavering from distractions. Outside distractions. They are happening but they are not for you to follow. People are having their own experiences, some with their heart and others with distractions.

Spend time alone to determine wonderfully if you are intentionally connecting to those who are heart-centered or ones who prefer distractions. This will make a difference in your life.

Give love to those who are lost in distractions, as they lost the way to their hearts. Give love to them doubly then return to your heart with gratitude.

Be grateful for your connection with the Divine within you and those who are connected to their own Divinity. Give love equally to them and those who are lost. Be free to move about the world connecting to others with heart. Bless those who are lost. Be one with All That Is and feel gratitude for opportunities to share love.


Archangel Michael