Daily Love

Shine Light From Your Heart

Abundance is at the center of your heart. It is filled with the love and light that you seek externally. Turn inward and be one with the love and light that’s within you. Do not doubt that it is there. It is always there.

Meditation is the best way to connect with it. Joy is the wondrous way of staying connected. Sing, dance, or whatever you do that keeps you lost in joy. Joy is best for us all. When you feel filled with joy share it with others. When in doubt, smile to everyone who crosses your path. They will feel the love and light in your heart. It will resonate for miles. It can wrap this world with bands of love.

So wrap yourself with wondrous things: music, scent, texture, feelings that make you smile, taste. Know that we angels are nearby to magnify the joy within you when you call on us. So, be love and light. Ask us to multiple that when darkness rests. Be love.


Seraphim Angels