Full Moon Astrology Forecast for 19 February 2019

The full moon rises in sidereal Leo on Tuesday, 19 February 2019. Ruled by the Sun, Leo is playful, passionate, and creative.

During this dance between sun and moon the energy will feel more masculine, but it is related to expressing emotions in a visual way. Leo likes to show off and be the center of attention. Use this time to shine.

This lunar cycle began with the sea goat inspiring us to be diligent and patient about a particular area of life. For the collective, overall it is about taking things slowly.

Universally, 2019 has 3 energy, which encourages us to expand and be more expressive. The collective is being guided to try something new, or revisit a past passion, regarding creative self-expression.

Use the energy of the full moon to express the guidance that surfaced during the new moon. Go a wild, be colorful, and passionate. Expand. Show off a little.