Daily Love

Live Heart-Centered for Mother Earth

Mother Earth, Gaia, is a living entity. She breaths, grows, and has an awareness just as you do. She feeds you, keeps you warm, safe, and secure. Please treat her as you woulda dear, loved one. Treat her with respect.

Picking up trash, rather not littering at all keeps her skin clean. Composting is her exfoliation, recycling is her way of beautifying. Repurposing what she previously made.

Growing food locally heals wounds that are preventable. It keeps the energy of your community inside your mind and body. It helps local floral and fauna. It helps children grow into healthy adults.

Keep waterways clean. Learn your water table and support its cleanliness. Water is life, the elixir for maintaining a flow with the current of Mother Earth.

Living locally helps the global economy. It heals Mother Earth. It heals all citizens. Learn all you can, do what you must, but please put your Mother Earth first. She needs your support. Care for her lovingly. Support your local gardens, or create them. Do more for local floral and fauna.


Seraphim Angels & Fairies