Spiritual Development

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Your home will always be the place for which you feel the deepest affection, no matter where you are. — Proverb

This heart that beats within you connects us all – angels, humans, and animals. We are all ONE. We are a collective of living beings. We are separate by the VEIL, which is not a veil at all. Separation does not exist. It is an illusion.

We angels are always with you, helping, healing. You do not notice at times, but we are there for you always.

Love is where the heart is. And we love you wherever you traverse: indoors, outdoors, far away from your domicile, or in the street. We are with you. We love all of you the same. Equal.

This notion of going to and fro because you have not found your True home is a misnomer. You are always home when you go inward. But, of course, we do understand how geography plays a role in your illusion. You can move to another location, but are you living deep within, connected to your soul? Is the move a distraction, or is it truly nurturing your Highest good, at the soul level, so that it nurtures the collective?

Move around from where you are before believing you are not home. Get to know people in different places where you travel. Talk to strangers, find common ground, values, interests. Do not be a tourist, for if you move you will need to know the unknown to make friends. Think seriously why you want a home of your own where you choose to dwell.

We angels are not discouraging you from adventures; we want you to have more involvement with others from the heart. Know that your life will change, and at times, you will have to move with quickness. But, always remain in your heart. You connect to us at a richer and deeper level. With this you are not traveling with loneliness.


Cheribum Angels