Daily Love

Life Unfolds In Divine Right Time

Life unfolds one petal at a time, but before that process begins, a rose is a seed.

Seeds need darkness, time and patience to grow roots that will anchor to the earth. With the right conditions, and time, that seed will sprout and break free from the soil from which it was planted.

Again, this is about time. Time, too, is an illusion. You humans use it to calculate life, events, and status. This kind of time that I share is about unfolding as one that is LOVE.

The nurturing of the soil, seed and water is necessary to grow the rose into maturity. It requires patience, a different kind of time. This allows the SOUL to experience seasonal changes — physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual — so that it can mature from infancy to sage, however that looks for each individual.

The seed began as potential. The nurturing caressed the seed into beingness. But the seed carries on as a flower, fruit, child, or fully grown human that expresses its uniqueness in a myriad of ways. It blesses the collective with its beingness at the Divine Right Time. It was always part of the collective — from seed to maturity — but the maturation has a different affect based on why it was planted. The love of the seed grows the potential into beingness.

Love all aspects of yourself — beginning, middle, and end — and know that each aspect has a reason for existence.

Do not attach to the why. Just be. Appreciate the beauty of the changing seasons from within. Be glad for the purpose you serve, even if you do not see it yet. We angels know your purpose because we are your etheric gardeners. We tend to you always with love. Be the seed, bud, fruit, and you will see how that benefits All That Is.

Be love. Tend to the seeds around you. Nurture what is around you, but do not force it to grow faster than necessary. It will harm the process it needs to experience.

Be grateful for all experiences –internally and externally– because they have necessary benefits to your growth.


Archangel Raphael