New Moon Astrology Forecast for 6 March 2019

A new lunar cycle begins with the New Moon in sidereal Aquarius on Wednesday, 6 March 2019.

Aquarius’ modern ruler is Uranus, the planet of freedom. As an air sign, the Water Bearer will invoke thoughts that are progressive. Out of the box. The Universe is guiding us to make decisions that are radical yet require careful reflection, weighing all possibilities. The consequences of putting our ideas in tangible form will affect the collective.

Additionally, the North Node transits Gemini, also an air sign, ruled by Mercury for the next eighteen months. The Node is not an actual planet, star, or asteroid, but an axis point that affects our personal and spiritual development. Through September 2020 it will affect learning and communication — listening and responding — to our Higher Self and others.

We may feel like they are in the clouds. Grounding ourselves in activities that focus the mind will be imperative. Consider learning to play an instrument, taking up a hand craft, or gardening. This will assist in strengthening concentration and discernment needed to carry out the radical ideas that arise. It will alleviate cloudy judgement, too.

Overall, this New Moon in Aquarius is the beginning of changes that we’ve only dreamed of. We will be guided into action that moves the collective in a healthier way together.


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