Daily Love

The Tide Is Rolling In

The tides are turning for everyone in the collect. Much needs to be done for those who have chosen to work with the Light within. All beings are born with it, but some, actually many, have lost their way and need help reconnecting to it.

Much needs to be done by those of you who call yourselves Lightbearers. You have stepped into an arduous role of serving to help others heal suffering. You will need to suffer with them, as many of you feel, see, and hear their suffering. These sensitivities will increase so you are compassionate towards those who list their way.

Strengthening your electromagnetic field with joy, conscientious action, and contemplation daily will help you through the storm that is due to roll in. You have chosen this path, rather than the mundane. This will not be easy. It will be worth the outcome of all beings living in harmony with each other.

Remember to always love yourself first, to love yourself with compassion. Take time to rest before ending the suffering of others. Keep yourself grounded. Keep yourself well. Keep yourself happy. This is the beginning of something grand.


Archangels Metatron & Raphael