Energy Forecast for Mercury Retrograde in March 2019

There is nothing to fear when Mercury goes retrograde. Canceling travel plans and avoiding making decisions is opposite of what the energy encourages the collective to do.

Mercury is the planet of learning, organizing, socializing, and communication. For any planet going retrograde, it slows down, appearing to be moving backwards, giving the collective time to reflect on and reconsider the planets attributes on a personal level.

The first Mercury retrograde for 2019 begins on Tuesday, 5 March in sidereal Pisces and ends in Aquarius on Thursday, 28 March.

Pisces is the feminine side of Jupiter, guiding us to be more expansive, listen to our emotions, and to go with the flow of life. Aquarius, Saturn’s masculine side, is about making progressive ideas tangible in a structured way.

Imagine needing to write a love song. It tells a story, has relatable emotions for a specific audience, and includes lyrics that are in a harmonious relationship with music. This Mercury retrograde is the collective’s opportunity to create their own love song.

The new moon in Aquarius rises a day after the retrograde begins. The Universe is guiding the collective to start anew with a revolutionary idea on a personal and collective level.

This energy will touch on the two houses Mercury rules: third and sixth. Some of the things to consider is being flexible about how we communicate, organizing time to do the work necessary to complete projects, deepening our relationship with others, or making improvements.

Rather than running into a cave for twenty-three days, we can spend time reflecting on where shadows have been lurking. They may be appearing in dreams, arguments, resentments, or the withholding of information.

However it shows up, Mercury’s retrograde is giving the collective the ‘push’ it needs to move through stagnant energy and move towards healing.