Full Moon Astrology Forecast for 21 March 2019

The lunar cycle blossoms in sidereal Virgo’s full moon on Thursday, 21 March 2019, which is also Ostara: the spring equinox.

This turning of the wheel into new beginnings during the full moon can bear multiple fruit provided that ideas that came up two weeks prior are being developed.

Stagnant energy will not grow fruit.

Virgo is the grounded and feminine side of Mercury. The guidance is to be inspired, hopefully, to use ideas from the new moon to improve our own lives and those we love. The more in alignment the ideas are with our passions and soul the more support we will receive from Spirit. We will feel stalled when not in alignment.

Venus, the planet of love and justice, transits Aquarius the same day; it will be there until 15 April 2019. Energy will encourage us to connect more with people who share the same values and interests. It is a time to consider who we’ve been spending time with. Are we hanging with people to not be alone? This is a time to sever these relationships.

If there are similar values and interests, yet a disconnect, consider what changes can be made from within. Shifting our perspective will give us a new way of relating. We can call on the Universe to assist us with experiencing deeper connections with our tribe.

Remember that this full moon is a continuation of the new moon and North Node energy from earlier in the month. This is the time to build community based on new ideas that will change lives in a heart-centered way.


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