Astrology + Tarot Forecast for Pluto Retrograde 2019

Prepare for deep emotional changes between 23 April and 3 October 2019 during Pluto’s retrograde in sidereal Sagittarius. The energy will reveal aspects of ourselves that have been hidden, or possibly unknown.

The retrograde will be a time for intense shadow work: healing things we have been ignoring and projecting onto others in arguments or gossip sessions.

Sagittarius is the masculine side of Jupiter, which is the focused and action-oriented part of our creativity. Jupiter is optimistic, encourages us to think outside the box, and be more adventurous in our endeavors. Rather than daydream about the creative projects, Sagittarius say GO FOR IT! Take a leap of faith and turn the idea into something real.

Pluto’s retrograde in Sagittarius will uncover why we have delayed living our life purpose. It will be up to us to acknowledge, accept, and conquer our fear. This is a big step towards healing the mind.

The Inside and Outside World

Externally, we may see more political scandals and natural disasters like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, as Pluto is related to structures that have been historically fundamental to our lives. Collectively, this retrograde will radically change what we believed to be true about life. This will cause a fundamental shift in all our belief systems.

Pluto is a modern ruler of Scorpio, and co-ruler with Mars, which affects the 8th House: hidden things, healing, and external resources (money). Secondly, we will experience shifts there and wherever Scorpio is in our natal charts. Those shadows will come up in dreams, meditation, or in interpersonal relationships. Be patient, as this could be an emotionally charged spring, summer, and autumn process.

The moon will also be in Sagittarius at the onset of Pluto going retrograde. It will guide our minds to focus on what we are truly passionate about. Further denial could become physical or emotional maladies. Watch for moments of closed-mindedness, control issues, or problems with the hips.

Goddess Tarot Energy
Magic: Isis, in the major arcana, revealed that the Pluto retrograde will heal generational trauma, helping us to let go of actions that dulled our sparkle. This will change how we connect with our peers, ‘superiors,’ and elders. We may even learn about latent spiritual abilities that could help us in our daily lives, especially creative projects.

Overall, the Pluto retrograde is a time to uncover our hidden truths and work towards starting anew doing what we love.