Ani speaks to me every time I’m outside. She beckons when I stare at her from the window. She never comes out and says what’s on her mind. She whispers, I see you walking around trying to focus on your journey. I want you to see me, recognize what everyone else takes for granted. When I see the different shades of green my pupils dilate, my heart brightens, and a surge of love spreads through my body. I feel lighter, happier. Ani is invisible, yet visible in the ground and what lies beneath. She brings the rain, which beats like drums from the motherland. She says, Sit still and take me into your unknown. Let me guide you. I notice how the blue sky and yellow sun make different shades of green. I see the bees swarming around looking for gifts for their Queen. She is the wind that sweeps across my skin right before I wish there was a breeze.

twilight sets the sky
afire, blazing light through
leaves that go untouched.


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