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Sit With Difficulties To Move Forward

Everything is related. We live in the cosmos, just it lives in us. We are one. The astronomical changes in April 2019 parallels the guidance from the Universe to turn inward, not only for our wellbeing, but for the Greater good of humanity.

For this midweek message, I was guided to use the Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr to provide a ‘visual’ representation of what is in store for us.

Dreams are simply that — dreams. Concepts and ideas that float in our minds and ether until we take action to turn them into something tangible.

Goddess Isis is connected to the suit of swords in this deck. She represents magick, the ability to use her inner strength and mental focus into her heart’s desires.

A message from the eternal world may come to deter us from our dreams, but we are not to allow it to thwart our focus. Instead, turn inward and listen to our heart to receive spiritual guidance that will lead us to harmonious results.

If the external news triggers thoughts and emotions of fear then sit with the difficulty. Ask why the information is a distraction. Look at it from as different perspective. Does it provide insight about how to expand on the tangible?

Rather than folding over, think logically about the deeper meaning of the message. Having the opportunity and ability to move through the difficulty is similar to the pressure put on coal to produce diamonds. Aim for the diamond. Be aware that the pressure exists to help with the transformation, without it the coal will go unchanged.




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