Brown Olivia Pamela 2

Pamela Olivia Brown is a fourth generation healing and spirit medium, integrating witchcraft, mediumship, divination (tarot and sidereal astrology), and life coaching to help people reconnect to their life purpose.

Pamela’s spiritual awakening accelerated when she received her Reiki Level One attunement in 2014. As a reiki master, she has deepened her connection to her Higher Self and the angelic and celestial realms.

As a child, Pamela saw spirits with her physical eyes and sensed energy through all her clairs — knowing, seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, and smelling. Today, she uses these abilities to understand other people’s thoughts and feelings.

Certifications include Professional Intuitive, Angelic Life Coach, and Reiki Master Teacher. Pamela also is an ordained minister with Universal Life Church. Other studies include herbalism, Cosmic Earth Work (working with fairies), and shamanic practices.

On the flip side, Pamela is a poet, writer, and musician. In her down time, this native Texan loves to travel the world and indulge in fashion and interior design.