Brown Olivia Pamela 2

Hello & Welcome!

I’m Pamela, a spirit and healing medium. I connect to the spirit world through my natural abilities and divination tools, like tarot and Vedic astrology.

As an empath, I understand what it means to be sensitive to energy. I consider myself to be a full-spectrum empath because I know, see, hear, feel, taste, and smell trauma. This helps me understand what people are experiencing, especially on generational and ancestral levels.

My life is rooted in the Yoga Path because it keeps me be grounded, heart-centered, and one with Spirit. I share this with clients as a framework to help them with their own personal and spiritual development.

Doors opened to working with the angelic realms after my reiki level one certification. Receiving messages, healing, and guidance from angels and ascended masters has given me clarity about my life purpose. The angels are a lot of fun, too.

When not working with clients, I write poetry and queer paranormal YA fiction.