I felt the morning before I awakened. I stirred as it blanketed my skin, warming me. The sun moved across my body slowly, begging me to not give into my daily chores. I argued with the morning wishing that it wouldn’t taunt me on such an important day. I rolled over hoping that my back… Continue reading Summer

Spiritual Development

Author Chat About Spiritual Abilities

What is the book about? I stand with scores of people who believe that we are spirits having a human experience. Because of this, we are naturally psychic. Psychic Development for Everyday Living is a booklet that helps people understand all they see, hear, know, or feel is normal. What inspired you to write it?… Continue reading Author Chat About Spiritual Abilities


Author Chat About Family and Spiritual Healing

What is the story about? Khalinda has an aversion to her mother’s skin color politics. A deceased relative attempts to heal generations of suffering during her visits. In the process, she teaches Khalinda to have compassion for her family. Where did I write it? Binghamton, NY, where I currently live. Where does story take place?… Continue reading Author Chat About Family and Spiritual Healing