Soul Message

The Bounty Is Within Us

It is an auspicious time to turn deeper into ourselves, to ignite the fire that can burn through blocks and challenges, turn interests into passions, and passions into projects to share with others. This is a time to turn inward as others project their pain into the world, onto innocent bystanders. This is a time… Continue reading The Bounty Is Within Us


Freedom In The Flow

For my mother Josie Bell Funchess Brown 13 February 1946 - 1 August 2019 Stones watch the river pass overhead, enjoying the ripples of each wave capturing the essence of clouds and trees. Dragonflies touch down, gently adding beauty to the flow that transforms everything in its wake. The stones smile to seasons change from… Continue reading Freedom In The Flow

Channeled Message

Move With The Ebb And Flow of Love

Emotions are like water, ebbing and flowing in different directions. Sometimes they are calm, other times rough and scary. Water moves in a rhythm that is both predictable and unpredictable. Water churns whatever is sitting on the ocean floor, or in the case of us humans, whatever is beneath the surface of what we see,… Continue reading Move With The Ebb And Flow of Love