Channeled Message

Love Those Who Are Lost

Listening to your heart is only the beginning of the task at hand. You must be vigilant about staying there and not wavering from distractions. Outside distractions. They are happening but they are not for you to follow. People are having their own experiences, some with their heart and others with distractions. Spend time alone… Continue reading Love Those Who Are Lost

Channeled Message

Give Love To All

Your love for yourself grows astronomically as you focus inward. Guide yourself through the day to turn inward to focus on your heart center. Feel your heart. Connect to the heart of others. You can sense the beating of their heart based on their breath. Rushing will have a sped up heart. Slow and languid… Continue reading Give Love To All

Channeled Message

Connect To Love

The blood moon rises in an auspicious way for the collective because it is in sidereal Cancer, the sign of care, nurturing, and going within to understand the depths of your psyche and limitations you have been putting on yourself. Your dreams are revealing to you what will need attention, but do not run from… Continue reading Connect To Love