Spiritual Development

REPOST: Understanding Twin Flames and Soul Mates

I was guided to repost emphasizing the following: "In the current state of the world, the Divine Masculine is imbalanced and the Divine Feminine is nearly absent. The influx of needing to multitask and be distracted by social media has removed the collective from thinking rationally and being creative." There are ways to engage with… Continue reading REPOST: Understanding Twin Flames and Soul Mates


Sharing My Favorite Gift

Reiki energy healing came into my life at the beginning of my spiritual awakening. My soul must have been ready for me to expand and deepen my relationship with it and the world. I craved reiki, wanting to learn about it and how it worked. I first learned about energy healing from a friend who… Continue reading Sharing My Favorite Gift

Spiritual Development

Understanding Twin Flames and Soul Mates

Twin flames and soul mates are concepts meant to guide people towards healing their personal trauma, expand consciousness, and create new opportunities. Work on cultivating the inner twin flame – the Divine Feminine and Masculine – result in attracting soul mates. Twin means two of the same; they mirror each other yet have slight differences. A flame… Continue reading Understanding Twin Flames and Soul Mates