Energy Forecast for Mercury Retrograde in March 2019

There is nothing to fear when Mercury goes retrograde. Canceling travel plans and avoiding making decisions is opposite of what the energy encourages the collective to do. Mercury is the planet of learning, organizing, socializing, and communication. For any planet going retrograde, it slows down, appearing to be moving backwards, giving the collective time to… Continue reading Energy Forecast for Mercury Retrograde in March 2019

Daily Love

Everything Is Spiritual

As spirits we are all connected. We can feel each other in this cosmic fabric we call life. Angels are a higher frequency of this vibration that every person, animal and mineral has access to. We angels are always there for you to help you with life, large or small. Please remember to ask for… Continue reading Everything Is Spiritual

Daily Love

Guidance Is Omnipresent

Help is all around you. You are never lost, regardless of how far you have strayed from your original path. At times, upon reflection, you will grow to understand the detour and show gratitude for it, as it was a lesson that you can apply later in life. Straying is not straying, it is merely… Continue reading Guidance Is Omnipresent