Retreating From The External World

Withdrawing the senses, or pratyahara, is the fifth limb of Raja yoga that connects us to our Higher Self, or soul. Taking a break from social media, the news, music, and movies clears energy blockages in the mind, eyes, and ears. The upper chakras – crown, third eye, and throat – are the spiritual chakras… Continue reading Retreating From The External World

Spiritual Development

Moving On To Different Opportunities

I love serving as a healer. Although difficult at times, it is rewarding overall. Witnessing someone's transition from suffering to healed feels like coming in first in a relay race. Everyone cheers and celebrates the culmination of hard work. Like any race, it comes to an end. Champion runners move on to more challenging races,… Continue reading Moving On To Different Opportunities

Spiritual Development

The Difficulty of Being A Healer

It feels good witnessing a client transitioning from suffering to living healthy. One or both of us shed tears of joy because their pain had lessened or disappeared. But there were times when being a healer felt like gathering wet garbage with my bare hands. Regardless of healing modality, compassion, patience and hard work are… Continue reading The Difficulty of Being A Healer